About the Project

The essence of this Project lies in the active participation of the community. This is a project of community self-determination in which the inhabitants themselves create the design that will be materialized in Santa Catarina Palopó..

The Project will be supported by an anthropological study and a documentary evidencing the aesthetic change of the village, and above all the social change and economic impact experienced by its inhabitants through the implementation of a Project of this magnitude to promote the development of a community.


To transform the lives of the inhabitants of Santa Catarina Palopó through an artistic interventios that generates a sense of belonging, community pride and a climate of citizen involvement


That Pintando Santa Catarina Palopó becomes a replicable model facilitatiing community dialogue through art and generating its own sustainable development.


Phase 1


Dutch artists Jeroen Koolhaas and Dre Urhahn  were invited and travelled to Guatemala in October, 2016 were they worked with twenty community leaders participated in a 12-day Color Lab toperform an analysis that produced the necessary input to define the color pallets that best identify the municipality; such analysis resulted in the creation of the final design, which is now being executed by Guatemalan designers who have joined this initiative. 


Phase 2

This first analysis continued further on under the guidance of a team of local designers, Olivero & bland Studio, who again met with the community, with the support of Asociación Pintando el Cambio, local authorities and the mediation of Asociación Ambiental G-22, to define the elements that should be included in the final design to be applied to the fronts of the dwellings and municipal buildings of the urban center of Santa Catarina Palopó.

In this sense, the participants searched for the necessary formulas to obtain a lime-based paint that in addition to being one of the most economical in the market, had beneficial properties since lime is a natural disinfectant that also fights humidity, and has fungicide and biocide properties.


¡Let's get to work!

Once the precise formulas corresponding to the defined color pallets were obtained, during the month of June 2017, the following phase of the Project began with the process of painting the central square of Santa Catarina Palopó.  A team of 6 masons and painters and a residing architect were hired by Asociación Pintando el Cambio to kick off the process.

This process of painting the urban center is estimated to take two and a half years, beginning in June 2017 and ending in December 2019.



Pintando el Cambio will seek allies from the public, private and cooperation sectors that are able to contribute to the improvement of the municipality, such as:

  • Developing ancestral paths, maps and lookout points for tourists.
  • Equipping the school and the Healthcare Center.
  • Providing technical training on matters of tourism (including the English language).
  • Improving the family and community habitat.
  • Improving risk management in terms of natural disasters.
  • Improving water and waste resource management.
  • Providing land-use planning initiatives in the community.


The project has an extraordinary team that is made of local community leaders supported my experts to ensure the objective of making Santa Catarina better.



Their main task is to communicate the project to the Santa Catarina families and tourists   who are visiting the region.



The project has several professional painters who work from preparing the surfaces to creating the masterpieces that shape the landscape.


Architects and Designers

They work hand in hand to ensure the success of the implementation of the project. They work with buildings as much as they do with the public spaces.


Board of the project

 It’s the team designed to coordinate with institutions and sponsors to ensure the project is feasible. 


Asociación Pintando el Cambio

In charge of implementing and executing the Project. Its Board of Directors is made up by Guatemalans interested in the country’s development.


Santa Catarina Palopó

The Mayor, Mr. Rodolfo Joj López and a group of 20 community leaders are committed and actively participate in this initiative..


Olivero & Bland Estudio

National team in charge of the creative concept, design and architecture of the Project. Joined in January 2017.


Asociación Ambiental G-22

Advisory and technical team, in charge of organizing the community and of the processes required to implement the Project.


Universidad del Valle de Guatemala

The integration of anthropologist Alejandra Colom to carry out a baseline study of 350 families