Thanks to the support of the inhabitants of Santa Catarina Palopó, Cementos Progreso had the opportunity to be part of the Project Pintando Santa Catarina Palopó. Throughout the project, the community came together and painted their homes in order to improve their environment and infrastructure of their locality and then work on improving their living standards, transforming the place into a new touristic destination and creating job opportunities.

Cementos Progreso prides itself on being part of the project and foment the urban transformation through active citizenship. Transforming the broches into paintbrushes and the neighbors into artists. Encouraging with this that dreams turn into reality.

Sharing Dreams, Building Reality

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Horcalsa wants to thank the neighbors of Santa Catarina Palopó for the opportunity of contributing by building colorful spaces that reflect our culture, building together the country that we all want to live in.

Being a participant in a project like this fills us with satisfaction because it makes possible to have a cultural identity. Besides fomenting the art as a creative and sustainable way, to make our environment better meanwhile we can change lives.


Pinturas Volcan joins the project with the goal of supporting the development of the community by shaping it into a new touristic destination through the art and paint.

Thanks to this initiative, Pinturas Volcan developed 2 exclusive products for this project. These were created exclusively for the community and the community was the one who chose this product at the end. These products were created to give the roofs and houses not only color but protection as well.

Both paints’ formulas are water based, lead- free and environmentally friendly in order to avoid harming the lake and the environment.




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