Design inspiration

After nearly six months of work, the following color pallets and designs inspire don traditional textiles of the community were defined:

The inspiration is Lake Atitlán and its sky. The design originates from the idea that Santa Catarina is a great “guipil” (traditional blouse of indigenous woman) that is hanging out to dry on the mountain and connects the lake with the sky.

The design in based on various principles, which must be respected to provide harmony and so that the observer identifies them as designs pertaining to Santa Catarina Palopó.


The Güipil

The principle of the design is based on an ancient “güipil” and a contemporary “güipil” currently sued by the woman of the municipality. Traditionally, the ancient guipil was woven on a red backdrop or warp. During the last decades, the guipil is woven in shades of blue. This comparison leads to the proposal to combine these two colors, using shades of red for the rooftops and shades of blue for the walls of the dwellings and municipal buildings.


Diseño & Ejecución


Olivero Bland Studio is passionate to connect people with spaces, products and ideas where they work, relax, live and learn through design; enhancing their living experience.

Olivero Bland Studio was stablished in the creative District of Guatemala, Cuatro Grados Norte in 2003, by Juan Olivero, Thomas Bland, and Diego Olivero. The Studio works with architects, industrial and interior designers as well as urban planners which are the basic ingridients for the successfull development of our projects.


Color selection


Each neighbor may choose among one or two colors from the defined pallet. This is done in order to ensure a harmonious projection in the community.




A series of designs, taken from the guipiles and grouped in three types of elements: animal and plant figures and geometric patterns, can be applied to the walls.






The colors in which the details are painted shall be chosen with the Project promoter to ensure the appropriate combination of the walls with the base.


About the painting process…

The painting process begins with the integration of “Asociación ambiental G22” to the Project –along with sponsors HORCALSA/ Cementos Progreso and Pinturas Volcan—in search of environmentally friendly paint that may be used throughout the entire painting process of the urban center of the municipality. 

In this sense, the participants searched for the necessary formulas to obtain a lime-based paint that in addition to being one of the most economical in the market, had beneficial properties since lime is a natural disinfectant that also fights humidity, and has fungicide and biocide properties.